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Main Stage


1st SESSION - 17:20

  • Ilana Samberg English Clubs- Leadership, Laughter & Learning

  • Yahel Ox SEL in English lessons

  • Chava Kleinman Classcraft

  • Yulia Michurin Teaching English, using Digital tools

  • Tali Brunner Ben-Gurion’s Oxford

2nd SESSION - 18:35

  • Tali Brunner Boosting Motivation with Drama

  • Lia Mirilashvili "Nice to meet you", a collaborative project with another teacher in a religious school

  • Ronit Glisser Readers' Theatre

    Marlene Saban Postcards from Germany

  • Ilana Samberg Future Readers' Program

Junior High

1st SESSION - 17:20

  • Sibylle Rubinstein OHBC (Ort Holon Book Club)

  • Sigalit (Sigi) Milstein The Amazing Amazon -an online teaching unit

  • Brandon Epstein Queering the Classroom: Multiculturalism, Interdisciplinarity, and Alternative Assessment

  • Raviv Schwartz Learning from Our Mistakes

  • Esty Feldman Gamification and multi-level teaching

  • Alina Litvinova Digital Units for teaching Band 1 words both frontally and distantly

2nd SESSION - 18:35

  • Gabrielle Malach Using Station Rotation to Enhance Independent Learning

  • Rebecca Zafrany Storytelling in the Classroom 

  • David Neumann Struggling Readers? The Ultimate Program for Success

  • Almogit Guez Individualized Learning Made Possible

  • Carol Wolff Alternative Assessment/Task-based Learning

High School & Diplomacy

1st SESSION - 17:20

  • Julia Koifman Oral proficiency in special education classes

  • Taliah Nathanson Narrative4… Story exchanges

  • Lana Barqawi I teach there, You teach here!

  • Martine Ben Harush Hexagonal Thinking

  • Ariel Khason Class 11D's Reference Book to Arthur Miller's All My Sons

2nd SESSION - 18:35

  • Katerina Arnaut R.I.P. Bands and Lists

  • Wafa Hawari  Inspiring students to love learning English

  • Debbie Cohen Playlists and HyperDocs for autonomous learning and differentiation

  • Christine & Abeer Hallak "From gate to gate"

  • Noa Porat COBE, Videos and
    Module G



Mingling and Poster Gallery



Dr Tziona Levi  - Director, English Language Education
Ministry of Education, Israel

Mr. Moshe Zafrani - Former Director of Languages Department

Sheik Muhana Fares - Deputy to the General Director of the Ministry of Education; Senior Director of the Technology Department

Dr. Miri Schlissel - Director of Department of Pedagogical Affairs


Parallel Sessions 1


Coffee Break

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Parallel Sessions 2

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