Main Stage


1st SESSION - 16:20

  • Yahel Ox Interactive games

  • Aya Ecker Increasing verbal skills by creating cartoons

  • Neta Alajem Exploring a new country- digital brochure

  • Tali Brunner Producing a movie based on a book

  • Ilana Samberg Virtual Journaling

2nd SESSION - 17:25

  • Tehilla Berger Dugma Corona Tour

  • Yulia Gorenko Anglaland: a site to practice vocabulary

  • Moran Godfrey Create a “School Shopping Network”

  • Yulia Michurin A Virtual English Day

  • Bruria Greenboim Drag and Drop Interactives

Junior High

1st SESSION - 16:20

  • Andrew Halevi Online Learning

  • Maha Alawdat Digital Storytelling for Language Pedagogy

  • Smadar Shina Gabay Halloween Escape Room

  • Yael Buznach Blogging as a Teaching Tool

  • Noa Porat The Zoom DJ

2nd SESSION - 17:25

  • Yehudit Gabbai English Language DIgital Brochure

  • Hagit Goldstien Animal Kingdom

  • Veronique Zysberg Multi Use of Virtual Rooms with Google Slides 

  • Judy Simon Teaching Writing over Zoom

  • Orit Friedenreich & Miri Osherov Choice Board

High School & Diplomacy

1st SESSION - 16:20

  • Jonathan Rulnick A guessing game to teach about cultural norms

  • Rebecca Nessim Using Trello to Track Leadership Projects

  • Julia Mor Interactive Newspaper

  • Ilyse Ben Zagmi Nearpod Socratic Seminars

2nd SESSION - 17:25

  • Ilyse Ben Zagmi Literature Escape Rooms

  • Helen Tennenbaum Digital Book Report

  • Leora Rodrig Projects - using WriteReader program

  • Micki Zaritsky Learning Module C Topics "On Your Own

High School & Diplomacy

1st SESSION - 16:20

  • Yael Buznach Teaching vocabulary on Instagram!

  • Smadar Zioni Make a Fresh Start in English

  • Sherry Ganon Shilon ‘We Think Therefore We Are’ Project

  • Charmian Lezmy Online fun interactive activities

  • Dr. Ahmad Amer MOODLE to the Rescue

2nd SESSION - 17:25

  • Natalie Davis Interactive Flipbook

  • Samar Shqierat Online Lessons are a Blessing!

  • Denise Cohen Good Evening, America- TED talks by pupils

  • Taliah Nathanson Virtual Story Exchanges a la Narrative4

  • Adele Raemer Why I Do Quickies



Reception and View Virtual Poster Gallery



Mr. Muhana Fares (Senior Director, National Programs and Head of Science and Technology Education)

Dr. Miri Schlissel (Pedagogical Secretariat)

Mr. Moshe Zafrani (Head of Languages Department)

Dr. Tziona Levi (Chief Inspector for English Teaching in Israel)


Count on Me by Israeli English Teachers, Arrangement by Howie Gordon


Parallel Sessions 1


Comic Relief with Benji Lovitt


Coffee Break & View Virtual Poster Gallery


Parallel Sessions 2

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